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Ownbase tools simplify labor-intensive manual proofing processes while providing professionals with increased accessibility, transparency, cost savings, speed, efficiency and data integrity.

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A complete solution to protect your creations easily and effectively

We bring together everything that’s required to deposit creations and provide immutable evidence that can be available everywhere and forever. The generated proofs can be used in all the countries of the world that recognize the rights of the creators and the certificate gives you unlimited and forever access to the proofs in an autonomous and decentralized way.

Ownbase’s solution power repository of immutable evidence for businesses and individuals property, software platforms and intellectual property rights stakeholders.

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Whether you achieve something physical or immaterial, everything you have create can be protected.



It takes less than 1 min to deposit your creation or a recording of it, in any digital format.


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Your deposit is stored forever, and a unique certificate gives you access to this proof at any time, internationally.

Why Ownbase ?

An accessibility-first approach to evidence and certification


Creators have total control over the ownership of their work. The deposit is a guarantee in itself that excludes any intervention of a third party (broker, lawyer, notary, etc.).


A key objective of the Ownbase is to ensure the security of the evidence repository. The encrypted information stored into the blockchain cannot be erased or modified. Even if Ownbase disappears, the evidence remains intact and available forever.


Processing a deposit takes a lot of time if it is done in a traditional way with a trusted third party which delays the completion of the task. Our application is available at any time and a deposit takes no more than 1 minute.


You don’t need to trust us or any third party. A decentralized network provides an environment that ensures the task is completed seamlessly, without hassle or delay. The certificate that results from a deposit is the only element that allows you to verify your evidence at any time and everywhere.